Chasing Unicorns

Chasing Unicorns

The body you desire right now is a unicorn.

It’s a myth.

You can’t have it because right now you are not that unicorn.

And if you try to chase it today, well you’ll never get to it.

It’s like trying to jump a 100ft gap, when you have never even jumped 1ft.

Your not going to make it.

Right now your standing at the edge of the cliff, and the unicorn is at the other end…

How do you get that unicorn (Aka your desired goal)

You Bridge The Gap.

Day by Day.

You don’t try and make the whole jump today,

You take the small steps, building upon the last brick, so that you eventually end up on the other side.

This applies in anything you do, you can’t make 100k if you’ve never made 1k or 100…

You cant fix a broken relationship in 1 day

Everything you do has to be achieved over time,

Otherwise it will be forever a myth and you’ll never stop chasing Unicorns.

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