What is Depression

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What is Depression

Whilst we all have days where we feel down and sad, people struggling with major depression will feel persistently sad for weeks or months, rather than just a few days

Depression affects people in many different ways and therefore there are a variety of symptoms which can be complex and vary from person to person, such as lasting feelings of hopelessness, losing interests in things you used to enjoy and feeling like nothing has a purpose and a constant feeling of unhappiness.

The severity of depression can be crippling which can lead people to suicide, It can cause people to lose their jobs, family and all social contact

One of the defining symptoms of depression is lack of loss of pleasure. A girl gets engaged to the man of her dreams and they won’t feel anything. Being out with friends, Getting promoted, Having sex, Nothing will bring any pleasure

People with major depression tend to eat a lot less and their sleep quality declines too by constantly waking up during the night and are wide awake by 3:30 am. They end up spending months sleepless and exhausted from not being able to sleep through the night

There are multiple forms of depression. Here are a couple to show the diversity of depression

In one form of depression, the person fluctuates from feeling extremely depressed to reasonably normal this is known as unipolar depression. Another form is Bipolar depression where the person fluctuates from deep depression and wild, disorganized hyperactivity

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