We’ve Evolved to be Lazy

We have evolved to be lazy.

There are endless scientific studies that show that exercise and movement are good for us, They help prevent diseases, they keep us in shape, they make us live longer, they make us happier… the list is endless

Yet the more science there is the less we seem to do. Looking at our evolutionary past and nature gives us a solid reason why.

The majority of Sapien life, When we lived in caves, we moved because we had to but only when we had to.

We had to hunt our food, run for our lives. The same is true when you look at lions, They move only when they have to.

The rest of the time, Lions and our ancestors were resting. Because they need to preserve their energy

Our bodies don’t want to burn more energy than necessary. and since we can go for a short drive to the shop, or just get our food delivered to our house or work we don’t have to move for it.
Without the motivation for food, activity is voluntary.

And since we’re getting less active, the reason could be because our food quality is poor.
Food is fuel. and when we eat improperly we become acidic, dehydrated, lacking nutrients in our brain, bones muscles are we going to be motivated for exercise… No, we are going to be motivated to watch tv on the sofa

it’s like putting the wrong fuel and not topping the oil in your car, eventually, its going to wear down then break down.

A healthy body is active, And that requires the right fule. Lots of water, Lots of greens, and fruit. In nature stagnation means death. What do you think is happening to our bodies when they are lying around doing nothing… Dying.

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