A Broken Health System

A Broken health system

If Aliens came to observe us they would conclude that we humans have zero interest in being healthy.

One of the possibilities for this is because when we get sick, we know what to do,
We rely on big pharma to help.
We get sick, take a pill and hope for the best.
Whilst passing responsibility for or health to drugs.

Most medicines though are based on or inspired by plants or things contained in plants.
Even big pharma needs nature to heal us.

The problem with medicine.
Even when it helps us, it takes its toll on us. They’re hard to digest and metabolise, They are very acidic, and they stress and tax our systems.

The side effects make us take more medicine to cure those side effects which cause more side effects its just a conveyor belt that you can’t get off.

The biggest problem
A lot of them don’t cure anything, they mask the problem and the disease, but they don’t address the person or the lifestyle that caused the problem in the first place.

They allow us to live without going to the effort to change our habits and fixing what’s wrong. They allow us to be functional yet unwell.

The messed up system.
Big corporations, food manufacturers, restaurant chains and fast food giants get rich by making us sick.

Then pharma and insurance companies and other health care providers get rich by making us ‘better’ – but not healthy, just enough for you to work and pay off the bills you have just racked up.

Imagine if we are willing to pay more on our foods to avoid illness than paying more on medicine to ‘heal us’

-from the book Superlife


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