The importance of hydration

The importance of Hydration

When we experience signs of dehydration like thirstiness, That’s when our brains have started to lose water.

Our brains are last to lose water, before that 70 trillion of our cells are already dehydrated and when our cells are dehydrated, they stop functioning properly.

Our energy levels, our digestive system, immune health all start to suffer,
That’s why they say when you feel thirsty it’s too late.

Dehydration and exercise

Losing as little as 1% of body mass in water has been shown to have a measurable effect of the thermoregulatory response to exercise meaning that you are going to overheat too quickly. Dehydration has also shown to increase your heart rate meaning that you can’t put as much effort in and not get the maximum benefit from your training session

Dehydration can impact strength and power by 3-5% and also impair motor skills meaning it will be harder to perform complex or new movements and increase the chances of injury

There are ways to calculate how much water you should be drinking but a good way without having to do maths is to keep a big bottle of water by your side and every time you catch a glimpse of it have a sip.

This just keeps it simple and increases your chance of adhering to it especially if you are implementing drinking water as a new habit.

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