Roy Eastham is the Founder of the Metabolic Human Program

Welcome To Metabolic Human

Roy Eastham is the founder of The Metabolic Human Program & Co Founder of Titan Strength Academy.


  • Fda Health and Personal Training
  • L3 Hormonal Fat Loss Nutrition Coach
  • L3 Exercise Referral Coach
  • Applied Biosignature Transformation Coach
  • L1 Nutrition Coach
  • L4 Nutrition Interventions for Obesity and Diabetes

The Metabolic Human Program

Coming Soon – A nutrition program that is designed to get you out of the diet trap for good, On the program you will discover how to listen to your own body’s unique Metabolic needs and finetune your diet based on your body’s Biofeedback signals and ultimately Decrease Hunger, Increase Energy and Reduce Cravings.

Chasing Unicorns

There is this version of you that lives in the future, Right now it is a myth.
Its the impossible version of you. But it is still achievable with daily actions slowly bridging the gaps between you today and the impossible you tomorrow, Not with quick fixes but small daily actions.
eBook and video course coming soon

The eBook Collection

A Varity of eBooks and Video Courses coming soon, Covering Mental Health, Sleep, Calories and Fat loss

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